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How to Powerdress for your Next Pitch, Presentation or Meeting

As female founders, your image (the way you present yourself by what you wear), is often overlooked. Studies show you’ve got between 3-7 seconds to make a first impression. So why not put your best foot forward (loafer or heel, your choice), by making sure that you’re power dressing for your next important pitch, presentation, or meeting. 

What is power dressing?

Power dressing is the act of wearing an outfit that makes you feel like your most empowered self. You might be conjuring up 80’s style ideas of shoulder padded jumpsuits, big hair and statement clip on earrings, but these days it a bit different (thankfully) for female founders. Akin to the superhero pose that gives any person confidence before a big meeting, power dressing should be seen as your stylish secret weapon. Not only will this help you feel more confident walking into the room, but you’ll be able to focus on your objective – closing deals, acquiring clients, new partnerships, etc. instead of fidgeting with what you’re wearing. We’ve all spent way too much time readjusting the perfect tuck of our blouse into our jeans in the mirror, or furiously scrubbing coffee out of our just-dry cleaned white blouse, right?

What’s the key to power dressing without trying too hard? 

The key to nailing your power dressing look is to dress for the dress code of the meeting/company your meeting. In client-facing industries, overdressing can imply that you’re dressed desperately instead of dressed to impress – as it can come off as inauthentic. While it’s important to wear styles, colors, and outfits that make you feel empowered and energetic, check any ego-boosting looks at the closet doors and make sure you (and the person(s) on the other side of that table/computer screen) still see you in what you’re wearing.

Follow My 4 F’s Formula: 

Yes, even style is scientific. When you’re creating a powerful ‘listen and pay me’ outfit, you want to make sure that your look feels, fits, flatters, functions for your event. 

Fit & Flatter

Make sure that your clothes fit your current figure. For example, just because oversized everything is trending right now, doesn’t mean that it translates to business-driven environments like presentations or pitches if the proportions of your outfit are off, and your figure gets lost. While the perception of polished and professional style is the goal, squeezing into clothes will not only make you feel uncomfortable but the energy will carry through. Miss-sized clothing, sloppy shapes, and wrinkly clothes will distract from the task at hand.

Check out my oversized blazer example:


What you wear has a direct impact on how you feel about yourself and the others around you. Any outfit should be intentionally chosen primarily because you feel physically comfortable, and mentally confident and clear that your look represents your brand. Clothing isn’t just emotional, but tactile. Make sure you’re not wearing any fabrics that may irritate your skin. Think wool or synthetic fabrics. If you live in older environments, consider layering with easy to remove accessories like scarves and gloves to keep yourself warm and your outfit simple. If you’re prone to sweating during speeches or presentations, avoid wearing polyester, silk, and rayon-blends.


Regardless of your industry, don’t let the outfit you’re wearing read that you’re not trying to look too trendy or making a style statement. You want to wear an office-appropriate to business casual outfit formula like these below. Regardless of what you’re doing the rest of the day, you want to dress as if this is the most important part of your day and your outfit was intentional. 

Sounds great, but what should I wear for power dressing as a female founder? 

Check out these outfit ideas for power-dressing for pitches, presentations, or important meetings for three different business environments and dress codes.

Your style is personal, and your brand should be worn on your sleeve – That might look like a tailored colorful suit, a figure-flattering shirt dress, or soft as butter cashmere sweater and pencil skirt paired back with your favorite I-can-fit-every-file-in-here tote bag. Take this as outfit inspiration, and cross-reference your closet or shopping wishlist!

Monochromatic Outfit Formula:

Suiting: When in doubt, belt it out and go for one color all over.

Solid Blouse + Leather Pencil Skirt
Love a bit of edge? Play with textures for a chic and minimal outfit.

Get inVested Outfit Formula:

One and Done: Looking fora streamlined outfit? Opt for a vest dress for on the go chic looks.

Vest + Skirt: With waist accentuation and a feminine silhouette, what more could you need?

Matching Vest Set: Keep it neutral and easy in warmer months with a matching set.

Circle Skirt + Fitted Top Outfit Formula:

Aline Skirt + Boots + Sweater: With this feminine and classic silhouette, you’ll look understated but have clients sure to circle back 😉

Bow Blouse + A-Line Midi Skirt: Craving color? Pair a colorful blouse with a sleek a-line skirt

Sweater + Slip Skirt: Slip into silk and french tuck a sweater and add sleek pumps for an easy day to night look.

Fashionably Yours,

Mary Komick Style

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